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Join us

Supporting the application of AI systems to climate challenges requires people from a wide range of disciplines and backgrounds. At the Centre for AI & Climate, we’re always looking for curious minds that want to work with us.



​Our values are important to us. If you align with these values and we have a role that you have the skills to deliver then we would love to hear from you. 

  • Impact: We are in a climate crisis. We need to be highly focussed on work that can have the most impact. This means thinking big and being focussed.

  • Think differently: We need to innovate in order to accelerate the transition to net zero. We need to be continuously seeking new and better ways of doing things.

  • User focus: Impact comes from listening carefully to those experiencing the challenges we are seeking to address, and rapidly building solutions to help them.

  • Kindness: how we do things intrinsically impacts the outcome of our work. We seek to create an internal culture and external reach based on collaboration, inclusivity and kindness.

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