Building a Net-Zero Data-Space for AI Applications

AI and machine learning applications are becoming increasingly powerful.


We are seeing an explosion of AI applications seeking to accelerate the transition to net zero systems across key sectors of the economy - from optimising grid battery operations and increasing the accuracy of solar and wind forecasting to improving demand forecasts and enabling intelligent infrastructure for more efficient transport systems.


However almost all of these applications struggle to find and access high quality, machine-readable data that can support their work. 

CAIC is leading the development of a data space to help remove the barriers to data discovery and access and so help to unlock the potential of machine learning and artificial intelligence to address critical climate challenges within key sectors of the global economy - energy, transportation, agriculture and industry.


The project is being developed in collaboration with the Global Partnership on AI, the platform where governments come together to discuss AI.

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We are looking for an experienced full stack developer to lead the technical development of the data catalogue. You can find more information about the role and responsibilities here.


If you are interested in joining our growing team and any vacancies, you can get in touch at

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We're working with a range of climate and AI experts to iterate the design of our catalogue over the coming months.

Are you a data scientist or engineer who struggles to find or access data related to the transition to net zero? If so we would love to hear from you. Get in touch with