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The Centre for AI & Climate is focused on advancing the application of data science and AI to accelerate action on climate change.

We work to make it easier to apply AI to climate solutions, by addressing challenges around data, capacity building, coordination and policy.

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The Centre for AI & Climate is leading the development of a data space to help remove the barriers to data discovery and access and so help to unlock the potential of machine learning and artificial intelligence to address critical climate challenges within key sectors of the global economy - energy, transportation, agriculture and industry.


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Selected work

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CAIC led the development of a keystone report: Climate Change and AI: Recommendations for Government Action, for the Global Partnership on AI that set out the opportunities for how AI can support action on climate change and what governments can do to facilitate the responsible application of AI to address the climate crisis.

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Net zero electricity systems will be based on AI-Optimised Electricity Markets. This blog post argues that electricity markets will need to use AI to support optimised trading to make system balancing as efficient as possible.

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